EasyMiner easy association rule mining

Web Application and API for Association Rule Learning and Classification

EasyMiner (EasyMiner/R) is an open source web-based visual interface and REST API for association rule learning built on top of the arules package in R. The system also features implementation of the Classification Based on Associations (CBA) algorithm, which can be used for building classification models from association rules as well as for rule pruning, which addresses the common problem of too many discovered rules. EasyMiner/R also offers an experimental REST-based Prediction API. Unique to EasyMiner is interactive interface that allows to easily define a pattern for rules that you are looking for in your dataset. EasyMiner processes attribute-value data, rather than data in the transaction format.


Analyze your dataset using EasyMiner/R  web interface or REST API


Book Fundamentals of Business Intelligence

EasyMiner featured in the new textbook Fundamentals of Business Intelligence

by Wilfried Grossmann and Stefanie Rinderle-Ma

EasyMiner is used to illustrate Association Analysis.